Commuter Courses


This commuting course is for individuals who have previously completed basic cycling skills or can demonstrate their abilities to the instructor at the beginning of class. Students should be comfortable on a bicycle, but also have the desire to further develop their skills and road safety understanding. This course will review equipment and safety needs, with a practical focus on riding safely and effectively throughout local infrastructure. There will be a component of online e-learning is a requirement to be complete the course and must be presented to the instructor prior to the end of the course.

 Key Course Information
Course Length 2 hours
Ages 14 and up
Skills Taught ♦ safety review and equipment

♦ handling skills including: navigating intersections, gearing, shoulder checking, and signalling

Required Equipment ♦ bicycle in good working order, sized properly
♦ approved helmet (CSA, Snell, or ASTM)
♦ bike bell required
♦ closed toe shoes
Prerequisites  basic cycling skills
Resources Provided  Commuter Cycling Skills Handbook
Cost $20 per person