In-School Safe Cycling Training

Our enthusiastic CAN-BIKE trained instructors are excited to offer basic cycling skills training to schools and community groups. Training sessions include bike and helmet fit, bike safety check, bicycle handling skills, traffic safety, and signalling. Instructors come equipped with obstacles and activities that will encourage the development of a wide variety of cycling skills in a fun and challenging way.

Designed for small groups of students 8 years and older, instructors are able to offer short group rides on-road to build on the skills learned during the first component of the training. Students must be familiar with the rules of the road and demonstrate this to instructors prior to participating in a group ride. On-road riding allows students the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge of road riding in a safe and supervised environment.

For younger children, the program offers an interactive classroom presentation that includes a bike and helmet safety check.

For more information or to book, email or call 705-472-8480 ext 223.